“Give You Jesus” Single Set to Launch Nationwide

Released 5/19/15 on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/give-you-jesus-feat.-shana/id992665879

Houston based producer and writer on Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award-winning projects Billy Dorsey has released his charting song “Give You Jesus” on May 19th, 2015 which went to number two on iTunes Gospel chart within days.

“I am believing for a number one single which will be our fifth,” says Billy “I have worked with a really good team of music professionals over the years and seen my artists and established stars excel in the marketplace. My role as a music producer is more pastoral (Billy is an ordained pastor) and I do have a message to share in unconventional ways utilizing technology, marketing, alliances, and best practices to reach our nation for God.”

Promo Picture

“I am proud of Billy and his number one records. He is what I preach about, someone who had a rough start, but didn’t stay there, instead going on to make something great with his life,” said Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church (the largest evangelical church in America).

Billy with Joel Osteen

Billy also began production of a documentary on his life story entitled “Marathon” with Director Len Wehrung and stars in “Float” with Reality TV Producer Jay Hix Jones.

“In the music business, there are many perils,” says Billy “I was locked out of a music contract for seven years, because I would not sell out my team. I became homeless in the process, but God told me that the world would know my name and I would have #1 songs, albums, and win many awards. He is and has proved that out for His glory, not mine.”

In memorandum: Jeff Hernandez, U.S. Arm Veteran, who created the art work and theme for “Give You Jesus” was recently killed in a car accident this month and leaves behind a loving family.



Photo Collage from Facebook (Quarter in Review)

A few photos from Billy’s Facebook Page. Go to his fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/billydthebridge?ref=br_tf


World Homeless Day 2014: “Blessing in a Bag” with Billy Dorsey

Homeless Relief - Billy Dorsey 2014

This Friday, October 10, is World Homeless Day 2014. 13 years ago, God delivered me from homelessness and has brought me to this place where my life has become a testament to His faithfulness and saving Grace.

My team and I are looking to give back to the homeless this Friday…to those who have been overlooked and forgotten about. Our goal is to be able to provide 200 people with “Blessings in a Bag,” which consist of everything from basic toiletries to snacks and a Word of Encouragement for each of them.

If you’d like to contribute to this effort, you can go to my website and give at www.billydorsey.com/donate, or you can give directly with the ministry paypal using the email thebridgelife@gmail.com.

We need your help to be a blessing to those who are considered to be the least…because as God is daily proving in my life, big things often come from small beginnings.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40


The Heart of Worship Tour Promo Video

Booking inquiries: http://billydorsey.com/booking/


“Second Wind” Music Video Released On-line

Billy's Award

Billy’s Award

Billy Dorsey released “Second Wind” from his hit album “Marathon” music video on-line yesterday. This song came to Billy at one of the low points of his music career. He was featured last night on KHOU 11 about the power of prayer and recent research that shows the physical impact it has on the human brain.

Billy serves as an on-staff out reach leader at Lakewood Church and uses his platform and visibility and assist those in need. Billy has recently come on board to launch “Hungry Fish Media” (www.HungryFishMedia.org) that is equipping the next generation of content producers in association Jay Jones (reality TV producer), Chuck Hix and Marketing Dynamics.

“Second Wind” by Billy Dorsey

KHOU News Promo

The complete news story: Power of Prayer

Making of “Second Wind” Music Video

You can preview “Marathon” on iTunes by clicking the image below:

Marathon CD


Reality-based TV Producer Launches “Hungry Fish Camp” and “iThirst” Productions – features Billy Dorsey

Students become the media producers working with real award-winning filmmakers and music producer/artist

Hungry Fish Camp and "iThirst" Students and Producers

Hungry Fish Camp and “iThirst” Students and Producers

(Schertz, Texas) – The team from Hungry Fish Camp convened spontaneously at Cross Point Fellowship in Schertz, Texas to take on a unique vision from husband and wife team, Jay and Kara Jones who are based out of Seattle, WA.

Jay has worked on several reality based TV shows like “The Jerry Springer Show” (out of college), “The Tyra Banks Show” (Jay proposed to his wife live with Tyra’s help in one episode), “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Ice Road Truckers”, “1,000 Ways to Die”, and “Hoarders”, to name a few.

Their vision was to work with the youth and equip next generation content producers to create an experience for them that would leave a lasting impact and accelerate their interest in making life-changing media that inspires and challenges others to do the same. The idea caught on when it resonated with several key supporters that included a marketing company, business broadcast company, sunglass manufacturer, theatrical filmmaker, and a music star.

“I was blown away by the caliber of talent that came to the table, so quickly to support our first test production,” says Jay Jones, “We reached out to music producer Billy Dorsey who also serves as Outreach Leader for Lakewood Church, who graciously accepted our invitation to participate, as did award-winning filmmaker Director Baldemar Rodriguez of “In Search of the American Dream.”

“The kids didn’t really know what to expect, but we explained to them that this was ‘their’ production and their opportunity to work with real industry professionals and that it would all culminate in a ‘Hungry Fish Camp” red carpet experience where they would be celebrated for their work,” says Jay Jones, “They were allowed to tweet, post on Facebook, created Vine and Instagram videos, and share their experience in real-time on-line with their friends (#ithirst, #hungryfishcamp).”

The kids were provided hands-on experience with lighting and sound, various types of movie and picture cameras, smartphone fixtures which enable a regular phone to be turned into a production camera with special lenses and microphone apparatuses, marketing and promotions, product placement, use of music, working with on-camera talent, directing the crew, and advanced editing.

“The most amazing part of the entire weekend was presenting their production to a live audience and hearing their testimonies of faith and love via the ‘iThirst’ series of the production and watching them receiving their awards,” says Kara, “These kids followed the celebrities, who shared their own success journey on-camera, but to hear and view the kids explain their own life struggles was challenging and captivating.”

Will this become a “reality-based” series? Stay tuned.

Special thanks to: Billy Dorsey of Impeccable Music Group, Baldemar Rodriguez of Adelante Productions, Olloclip Lens Systems, Lee College, Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr., Brindlee Fire Mountain Apparatus, Youth Specialties, JRB Venture Alliance, Shields of Strength Foundation, CCVision, Cory Hix, Chuck Hix, The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company, Inc., Marketing Dynamics, Chick-fil-A, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Krystal Bolden, the local Schertz community, and Cross Point Fellowship Church.

For more information, please visit: www.HungryFishMedia.org

About Hungry Fish Media:

Hungry Fish is a media ministry that provides weekend film boot camps to high school students. Boot camps cover the basics of video production, online streaming, and social media, and empower young

Christians to creatively share their Faith (Genesis 1:24 – God is a creative God). By incorporating relevant techniques, equipment and trends into its programs, Hungry Fish engages culture and ensures the delivery of the Christian message stays current. Although the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice always remain the same, the delivery is ever evolving by the culture in which we live in and technological revolution we’re currently living through. This generation of young believers want to be heard, recognized and a part of something much larger than themselves. Hungry Fish provides this opportunity by taking the focus off of ‘self’ and placing it on Jesus! Visit the Film Boot Camp page for additional info on the weekend.


Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. Signs Music Producer – Billy Dorsey

Italian Design, Electric Flash Protection by Carl Zeiss, Patented Non-slip Nose Cradle, Balanced

DSC020142/26/14 (Houston, Texas) – Sikkshades® by Eddie Bauer, Jr. was launched in May of 2013 with idea of changing the industry from what is currently available in the three billion dollar sunglasses market. A true entrepreneur and iconic leader in his circles, Eddie sought out the best in the sports community for market feedback, retail and distribution advisers, marketing and sales strategists, lens technology leaders, and artisan Italian designers to create two introductory styles – The Huckleberry and The Qualifier (wraps). The shades currently retail at $130 each, a very competitive price point compared to more established offerings at much higher prices.

DSC02018Billy Dorsey is a young man on an amazing trajectory musically and in life. Billy has been racking up awards producing music for Rap Artist juggernaut Lecrae, Andy Mineo, 10th Avenue North, and has worked with many known artists in the pop world. He recently launched his own album “Marathon” that hit the Top 40 Gospel Charts on iTunes in 3 hours. That is not all Billy also serves as Outreach Pastor at Lakewood Church, America’s largest evangelical mega-church. The key for any new brand is aligning with leaders in the marketplace.

“We are looking forward to working with Billy and associating his influence in the music world and our style of shades that we are socializing in our current market and catering to all demographics and sectors,” says Eddie Bauer, Jr., CEO of Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

“As a recording artist and music producer, shades create an aura of mystery and intrigue. However, on-stage the glaring lights help to protect my eyes. Eddie Bauer, Jr. has created a truly unique brand of eyewear that look great and allow for clarity of vision,” says Billy, “I’m already getting texts from my influential music friends who want to also represent Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.”

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. features a patented non-slip nose cradle. Many athletes lamented that the major brands slip off their face under the inertia of their movements. In addition, these intense performers were concerned about “prism” effect and distant distortion provided by leading eyewear as well. At high speeds, clarity of vision and distance judgment is critical.

So, Eddie solved these problems with a product that is fashionable, balanced, assembled by hand, built-to-last, and relieves stress points along the temples and behind the ear. Flash Electric™ ballistic grade and shatter-proof lenses provided by Carl Zeiss, reduces or eliminates visual micro fractures which can stress the eyes. Flash Electric is an iridium embedded process that is scratch and smudge resistant and allows the eye to receive natural light without causing pupils to dilate and impacting the eyes with an overexposure of UV and UVB light. Other lenses may cause the pupils to widen, allowing more unhealthy light rays to impact the retinas. Some have reported a feeling of nausea with inferior lenses.

The iconic “Sikkshades Groucho” logo was expertly designed by a leading logo designer and has been adopted in the extreme sports and longboard skate community as “The Moustache Shades” which adds to the “cool factor”. The eye ware has also been adopted by those serving the military and law enforcement, with great reviews on social media.

For more information please visit: www.SikkShades.com

About Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. is a sports action eyewear company based in Houston. Eddie Bauer, Jr. has been an adrenaline junkie for many years competing in extreme motor cross, iron man competitions, and more. The science and technology behind his designs are being received well within the extreme sports community, music industry, and now the film community. We hope to see you at the red carpet events and sporting events across the country. Eddie’s team of marketing and sales professionals are eager to serve you in any capacity that helps you to become more competitive and comfortable when exposed to the effects of damaging solar UV rays on the eyes.



Things are looking up!


Billy meets up with movie actress Mayra Leal in Houston, Texas to discuss an opportunity to cast be in Billy’s next music video from his album “Marathon” for the song “Perfect Love”. Mayra has over 29 movie and TV credits to her resume being featured in “Machete” by Director Robert Rodriguez, “Playing House” by Director Tom Vaughan, and featured on “Locked Up Abroad in Bangladesh” – National Geographic.

Mayra, Billy, and Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics (not pictured) met at a local Cafe Express for lunch and had a great chat to discuss the vision and plan for the production. We’ll post more information about the video in coming posts.

Billy and Mayra both recently signed an endorsement deal with Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.



Marathon CD

Sikk Shades Logo